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May news

The merry, merry month of May saw the end of an era….Claire Kirkham ran her last race….Luckily June saw Claire Raho run her first, but more of that later.

First up 4 Harriers went to the seaside on 18th May for St Anne’s Tri.
Taking 3 rd place honours in Tri Star category was Connor Horan in a time of 00:11:35.
In the adult race there were 409 finishers:
Mick Horan, 25 th overall and 10th M vet in 01:06:10
Hannah Lambert, 103 overall and 3rd F snr in 01:13:52
John Kirkham, 226 overall and 7th M Supervet in 01:22:49

Connor, junior Harrier, on his way to a podium finish

Connor, junior Harrier, on his way to a podium finish

The auspicious occasion of Claire Kirkham and John Raho’s distinctly Harrier flavoured wedding was marked by a good showing in the Rossendale Tri.


Overall winner Steve Gregory counts the Harriers as his second club and we are very proud of his result. Those admitting to being a Harrier on the day also did excellently.
John Raho came in first Harrier in 11th overall and 5th in his age group, followed shortly after by his brother Andrew in 9th for his age.
Matt Dunn was 3rd Harrier in 15 seconds after Andrew and 12th in his V40 age group. John Holt was 3rd in his (V50) age group and 4th Harrier.
Claire Kirkham was 1st woman Harrier and 2nd woman overall in her last race with her old name, and Hannah Harrier was hot on her heels 5th woman in her age group.
Mike Thomson, one of our far flung club mates was next in as 7th Harrier. Mary Hancock was 9th in her category and was chased in by Jo Stevens.
John Kirkham no doubt a little affected by his father of the bride duties as the host with the most the night before nevertheless came in 8th in his category to start off a brilliant day.

Later in the day the Harriers toasted the amazing bride and groom and felt honoured to be part of their special day…10263998_680613335337363_7576666507022889725_o

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