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June news

Running News

Two Harriers braved arctic conditions for a midweek raid on Paddy’s Pole in the Forest of Bowland.  A tough, short race made tougher by gale force westerlies and very low temperatures with the odd squally shower thrown in for good measure. John Raho had a great run and came in 6th place in 31.44 with John Kirkham registering 47.08 in 91st place and 8/15 MV60+. There were 115 finishers. 

The Harriers tour bus took the ever racing George and Carole to the wharfedale half marathon. On a “ridiculously windy” course, the Critchleys braved the headwinds and came in with times of 2.23 for George and 2.26 for Carole. Great work tour team!

Speaking of Harriers on tour, Tim went north of the border to take on a big old lump of rock in the Traprain Law race on 13th June. Coming in 20th overall and 6th V40 making the most of his time away!

In the meantime, some hardy souls took on the Rochdale 3 day event –  a great (but tough) mix of fell, trail and road over 3 days and blimey what a 3 days!  Friday night saw John ApplebyRenee O’Mahony and Carmen Byrne brave a tough 6mile road route- a forever uphill (well about) 2miles and then various undulations until they hit the never ending last mile or so in. John ran a speedy 45.22, Renee pushed hard despite having trainer issues to finish in a fab 54.02. Carmen suffered a bit with asthma cos of flowers on the side of the road (you don’t get them on the moors!! she says!!) and managed to come in 40secs behind the 1st woman in 41.08.

Saturday- all three of them braved a tricky trail-ish route which involved a steep climb with 3 laps of slippy steps, bridges and fields (them pesky flowers again!) and again all ran strongly with Renee in 101.11, John 52-46 and Carmen managed to get a 59 second gap on her nearest competitor in 45.15 which meant she had a 20 sec lead going into day 3.

Joining John and Carmen on the fell leg were  Matt DunnGreg Webster and Carl to tackle the fell race. Nasty mile-ish uphill on cobbles with a ton of climbing kept them all on their toes.  Matt Dunn won 2nd v40, Carmen got 1st v35 (5th woman on the fells) and ended up with a brilliant 2nd woman for the 3 day event – cue some descent practice and some unfinished business for next year…Hats off to all of you , but especially you hardy 3 dayers!


Midweek shenanigans called the Harriers to climb Aggie’s Staircase on 18th June. 11406473_1440298899611601_6769056636829194040_n

Matt Driver came in 2nd, with Matt Dunn hot on his heels in 5th. Team prize was won by our lads. Full results here; http://dashers.org.uk/events/aggies-staircase/aggies2015

21st June saw then next championship race with 7 Harriers lying up to take on the beast that is Settle Hills…


Such a tough race but the Harriers put on a fine performance with John Raho the first home in 54:25 – a great 6th position overall. Matt Dunn was next in in 57:52 followed by Tim, Greg, John Appleby, Berin and JK – Full results here http://www.settleharriers.org/results/settlehills/settle_sen_15.html

There is a train which runs from Bury to Rawtenstall – an old steamer for high days and holidays, nostalgic trips and, apparently races against people! In the inaugural Race the Train on the sound of the train’s whistle, the runners set off, hoping to get from Bury to Rawtenstall before the train pulls in at the station.

Not only did our three Harriers beat the train, there was also a TV finish line appearance for one of them…Renee will be signing autographs later…

Tim says ‘Interesting run… Was well chuffed when by my watch I had about 2 miles to go and 20 mins to beat the train and then rounded a few corners to find a “finish” sign?! I clocked it at 10.3 miles but hey ho. So out of 206 finishers Carolyn Burney was 86th and 3rd in her cat, Renee O’Mahony was 136th and 6th in her cat and I was 18th and 6th in my cat.  Well done to my two fantastic running mates and cheers for Matt Dunn for a great little mid-run boost of cheering! 😀😀😀’

Multi-sport news

Hannah and Jo took on the original Keswick Triathlon on 7th June. With long and short courses available, we had a go at one each!

Hannah beasted the short course, whereas a foot injury meant Jo took it at a more sedate pace!

Jonny took part in the first of the Capernwray mid week sprint triathlon events. After purchasing his new (and first) road bike a week previously he was keen to give it a good run out in only his second tri event. After what he said was “a pretty difficult swim (34th 10.22.1)” , he hit T1 to find the lass next to him had run off with his race belt / number!  He finally decided to go without it and set off on the 25km bike and loved it, at (51st 43.14.8) I still had a smile on my face! Onto the 5km dash and he really had the bit between his teeth narrowly missing my sub 20 min goal (11th 20.28). Good work Jonny!


The Harriers entered 3 teams and a solo entry in what is becoming a great social fixture in the race calendar. A Day in the Lakes Half Ironman Triathlon is a testing race, which consists of a 1.2 mile swim in Ullswater, followed by a 57 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run. The 70.3 as it is also known covers high passes and rough terrain, and has gained a reputation for being a tough day out.

John Raho, showing no hint that it was his first outing at this distance, pulled in a great performance.

And team Lambert (Hannah, ANdy Raho and Matt Driver) only went and won their category – for those of us who know them it was no surprise at all!


John Holt did a great swim for his team, passing the baton to Pete Lee who beasted the bike, and Jonny Nicholson pulling in a fine performance on the run.

For team number 3, the women’s team, Jo Stevens swam, succumbing to seasickness in the chop, Claire Raho biked and Carolyn Lee ran.

What a brilliant day was had by all. Bring on next year!

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