Information for Harriers

If you would like to take a lead role in the running of this year’s club duathlon then click on the link below. If you think you would like to take responsible for any roles which are available then please send me a private message by our facebook page or otherwise (this will not mean you have committed to it). I will then send you any additional information you would need (if relevant) and if you still think you would be able to do it then you will be assigned to that role. Don’t worry if you’re not sure if you know how to carry out the responsibility, there is plenty of experience amongst the club members to assist you.

Each role would require a team of helpers which you would be responsible for recruiting and working.

If you would prefer not to take a lead role but happy to help out, then please let me know too. Your help is invaluable and the event would not be able to run without it!

John Raho

Duathlon team leader roles

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