2017 Duathlon

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The Holcombe Mountain Trial Duathlon         

Date: 24th September 2017

Start time: 9.00am

Race briefing: 8.45am                   


The third year of running, a duathlon combining fell running with road cycling starting from the Hare and Hounds in Holcombe Brook. A steep 8.3km run on rough tracks and footpaths taking a scenic route over Peel Tower. The cycle route is the 27km original ‘Mountain Trial Holcombe Circuit’, a challenging but scenic course taking in the summit of the Grane Road and Lumb Carr Road Hill Climb. The final run repeats the first run route but in reverse direction.

The race route:

Run 1 = 8.3km 220m

Bike = 27km 370m

Run 2 = 8.3km 220m

The race starts as a mass start on Holcombe Old Road, next to the Hare and Hounds.


Bikes must be in road worthy condition and an approved cycle helmet must be worn. In the event of poor visibility over the Grane Road, a working rear light will be compulsory.

For the runs, fell shoes are recommended.

In the unlikely event of poor weather conditions you may be required to carry full kit on both runs as per the FRA rules (full waterproofs, hat, gloves, map of the run route in a waterproof (plastic) bag, whistle, compass, emergency food). So please bring this to registration and a decision will be made on the day.

You will be supplied with two numbers to be attached to your front and back (the use of only one on a race belt is fine). You will also be supplied with sticky numbers for your bike and helmet.

The Route

Run Route 1

The footpath follows Holcombe Brook (the stream) through Redisher Woods taking a right hand fork shortly after the bridge over the stream. Here it climbs steeply through trees before crossing open fields until the path at the boundary of the MOD training ground can be followed, doubling back steeply to join Moorbottom Road (a rough bridleway). Follow this for 300m to where it meets the MOD training ground. Here, take the right hand fork, climbing the rough path which follows the boundary of the training ground across some rough and potentially boggy ground to Pilgrim’s Cross. Pass behind the monument then follow the worn path over Harcles Hill to Peel Tower. Follow the path past the silver ‘Millennium Bench’, cross the track, over the stile and descend the steep rough path continuing straight to another stile. Cross the track, over another stile through fields (possibly containing cows) to another stile. Descend steeply turning left at the fence corner and follow the path to the join up with the original path which takes you back to the Hare and Hounds.

The entire route will be well marked and marshalled. Map of run 1:

run route final map


Only competitors are allowed in the transition area and numbers will be checked against those on bikes and helmets. Bikes are racked on a first come first serve basis but as the entrance and exit are located at opposite ends of transition, there is likely to be little advantage over the position of your bike on the racking.

Whenever moving your bike, your helmet must be fitted and fastened. Failure to do so will result in a reminder followed by disqualification if ignored. Bikes to be mounted at the exit of transition on the ‘mount here’ sign.

More details on transition to follow.

The Bike Route

The bike route follows the original ‘Mountain Trial Holcombe Circuit’. This hilly circuit contains only left hand turns (only twice joining a larger road at the Holden Arms and India Gate) and contains no traffic lights or roundabouts. For this reason you will have no excuses for a poor time!

On leaving transition you are hit immediately with a steep climb up Lumb Carr Road. This flattens out at Holcombe Village and continues along the undulating Helmshore Road, through Helmshore village to the Holden Arms at the junction with the Grane Road. Turn left here and start the long climb to the summit of the Grane Road and the decent to the junction with Jackson Height’s Road at the Grey Mare. Take a very sharp left turn onto JH Road here. Note: 2 minute penalty enforced for crossing the central white lines throughout the course so please slow down here (a lot!)  Follow Broadhead Road through the village of Crowthorn to Edgeworth. Turn left at the new mini roundabout onto Bury Road (disqualification for passing the traffic island on the incorrect side) and left again onto Ramsbottom Road at ‘India Gate’ crossroads. Note: prior to this left turn there is a short sharp descent with large potholes before a sharp left hand bend that needs caution. A lovely fast road passes through Hawkshaw village and continue to Holcombe Brook.

Dismount before the traffic lights and run the short distance along the pavement into transition racking your bike before unfastening your helmet.

Competitors must obey the normal rules of the road as they are open to traffic. Junctions will be marshalled and the more hazardous sections of the course will be indicated by red flags. Competitors must follow instructions by marshals at all times. No drafting (riding together). Persistent offenders will incur time penalties. The race organisers decision is final.

In the interest of the marshals, there will be a cut-off time of 3.5 hours at the end of the bike route. If you finish the cycle route after this time (12.30) you will be asked to retire.

Run Route 2

The second run follows the same route as the first but in reverse finishing back at the start line adjacent to the Hare and Hounds on Holcombe Old Road.

If you retire at any point you must inform and return your number to race registration. This will avoid unnecessarily calling out mountain rescue in the search for you on the moor!

Results and Prizes

Prize presentation will take place the Hare and Hounds shortly after the majority of competitors have finished (estimated around 1.30pm).

Trophies for first male and first female.

Trophies for the fastest male bike and female bike times.

Prizes awarded to:

  • First 3 males and females.
  • First relay team.
  • First position in each age category for male and females.
  • Any other reasons I can find to give prizes out including spot prizes.

Please note: Only one prize per competitor (along with any trophies)

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